I. Project title and name, title of evaluators.

II. Significance of the proposal to U.S. agriculture.

III. Outline of specific research to be conducted including the time frame involved – include the number of accessions to be evaluated.

IV. Funding requested, broken down item by item (no overhead charges are permitted).

V. Personnel:
A. What type of personnel will be used to perform the research (e.g. ARS, State, or industry scientist; postdoc; grad student, or other temporary help).B. Where will personnel work and under whose supervision

VI. Approximate resources contributed to the project by the cooperating institution (e.g. facilities, equipment, and funds for salaries).Evaluation funding will be used on germplasm maintained in or destined for the National Plant Germplasm System (NPGS).

Evaluation Proposals will be submitted through the Crop Germplasm Committee (CGC) for their approval. All proposals should follow the evaluation priorities established by the CGC.
Evaluation data obtained will be according to CGC descriptors and codes and will be entered into GRIN by the crop curator. Funding for data entry into GRIN should be considered when developing proposals.
Evaluation proposals covering several descriptors, such as several diseases, should give the cost and time frame for each descriptor along with the combined cost. Funding may only be available to cover one of the projects.